Jolly Ramos

Classification :  Mongolia   Length :  24 meters
Port of Registry :  Ulaanbaatar   Breadth :  6 meters
Call Sign :  T3SK   Depth :  2 meters
Year of Built :  1999   Fuel Capacity :  4000 litres
GRT :  77   Fresh Water :  6000 litres
NRT :  23   Design Speed :  15 knots
        Construction :  Aluminium Hull
        Cargo Deck Area :  18 pallet size
        Communication :  VHF
        Passenger Complement :  12 pax
        Other :  Air-conditioned cabin
(Fleet list and specifications subject to change)


Our Fleet


Jolly Romano Jolly Roger Jolly Roger II Jolly Ramos Jolly Randi Jolly Ramona Jolly Rachel
Jolly Risso Jolly Rose Jolly Ruby Jolly Regina Jolly Roni Jolly Reena Jolly Royal
Jolly Rover Jolly Rebecca Jolly Rayna Jolly Richie      


Jolly Renzo Jolly Rolex Jolly Rino Jolly Romea Jolly Rowena Jolly Ranger Jolly Rex
Jolly Rona Jolly Ringgo Jolly Romeoo Jolly Rima Jolly Rome Jolly Rostar Jolly Rita
Jolly Rider Jolly Ranesh Jolly Regis SC 246 E SC 91 H SC 1283 E SC 2063 C
SC 4406 J            


SC 3901 F SC 4408 G SC 4409 E SC 4390 J SC 4433 H SC 3894 Z SC 4310 J


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Penjuru Office:

42G Penjuru Road Unit 2, Penjuru Lighter Terminal Singapore 609151

Marina South Wharf Office:

71 Marina Coastal Drive Unit 3, Marina South Wha

Changi Warehouse:

7 Airline Road #03-19, Cargo Agent Building E  Singapore 819834

Passenger Launch Counter:

West Coast Pier - Counter 5
Marina South Pier - Counter 9